In addition to my work as a performer and producer, I also teach guitar and band lessons. My teaching journey started with private lessons at my home, and I have since expanded to work at the Alphen music school, Amsterdam IJburg teaching practice as well as conduct various workshops.

At the CvA, I teach guitar methodology and band coaching for the pop department. At the CvA jazz department as a mentor, I guide both bachelor and master students in developing their careers through Music Business & Career lessons. Additionally, I teach music education for the jazz department.

I have also authored a 1300-page guitar method, complete with 75 CDs, for the Laudius Institute. I continue to create and design teaching materials, always seeking the latest and most effective methods to create personalized lessons that incorporate digital resources. All of these resources are encompassed in my collection, Guitar Basics.

Some Guitar Basics stuff.

For my students, I designed this poster with basic guitar information like chords, scales and fretboard notes. 

More Guitar basics stuff:

Neck knowledge, power chords, minor and major pentatonic and other scales.
A good and new way of getting the best neck-knowledge, learn power chords all over the neck in combination with pentatonic scales and others: Guitar basics-ReneBrijker-halskennis-powerchords-toonladders

Guitar Theory:
All the things you can learn on your guitar.
How to play all kind of scales, basic chords, jazz chords, about rhythm, how to read and play written notes and tabs, the CAGED system and many more. Guitar basics-R Brijker- Muziektheorie